A Skool é uma Associação para crianças em OpenLearning, que nasceu da procura de alguns pais da escola perfeita! As crianças, com idades entre os 6 e 10 anos, podem encontrar aqui um espaço de trabalho e lazer.
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It is an OpenLearning learning space for children, born out of some parents’ search for the perfect “school”! Children, aged between 4 and 10 years old, can find a space for work and leisure here.


At SKOOL, we are convinced that children do not need quantity of information, but Quality. We favor a more natural teaching method, which respects the child’s time more and contributes to their complete training.


We are different because SKOOL’s open learning method focuses on children and their abilities, encouraging them, resorting to their involvement in short lessons, with technology, local resources and the environment, leaving them them grow.


We are passionate about humanity, respect, openness, affection and the work of interactivity between children and the local community, because only then can we contribute to creating better citizens.


Are you also a mother or father looking for the perfect educational option for your children? Contact us!

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